Practice Areas

Christy and Sanford Horowitz specialize in criminal defense and family law litigation. Both Sanford and Christy Horowitz are experienced trial lawyers who know the system inside and out and they find ways to settle or win cases for their clients.

Specific successes include cases of felony and misdemeanor domestic violence, child endangerment, driving under the influence, sex crimes, narcotics, theft, vehicular manslaughter, misdemeanor and general felony criminal offenses, assault and battery, residential burglary, vandalism, witness dissuasion, among others. 


Family Law

Family law cases are intensely personal, emotional, and have consequences that extend far into the future. It is overwhelming and stressful. Don’t go at it alone; you need strong advocates to protect your legal rights and bring you peace of mind.

Sanford and Christy Horowitz are extremely experienced, compassionate, and knowledgeable in this complex area of law – and will zealously defend you to help get your life back under control.

The family law lawyers at Horowitz Law specialize in:

Criminal Defense

When you, a family member or friend have been arrested, it is extremely important that you immediately take action by contacting an experienced criminal defense attorney to defend your rights and avoid a conviction. Understand your legal options right away and focus all your energy on making sure you do NOT get convicted. Both Sanford and Christy Horowitz are experienced former prosecutors, they can help. Use the form on the right to ask for a confidential consultation to discuss your charges and find out what you can do to build a solid legal defense.