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If you’re charged with domestic violence, you want an experienced attorney who can mitigate the consequences you face on your side. If you don’t have a criminal record, potential jail time or probation might be reduced. Sanford & Christy Horowitz Criminal Defense is dedicated to protecting your rights and providing you with legal advice that comes from years of experience. We’ll provide you with aggressive and honest representation. Call 805-452-7214 today to schedule a consultation with a domestic violence attorney in Santa Barbara, CA.

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Sanford & Christy Horowitz Criminal Defense will always keep you updated on the status of your case. We’ll diligently investigate all aspects of the case and leverage every opportunity to vindicate you in court. As former prosecutors with the district attorney’s office, we have the experience and inside understanding of the court system to aggressively defend you in all aspects of the case.

We’ll also make sure you understand the guidelines of any protective orders that are issued. Contact a criminal defense attorney in Santa Barbara, CA to get the legal assistance you need.