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If you or a loved one has been arrested in Santa Maria, you need an attorney that will tirelessly fight for your rights in court. Sanford Horowitz has decades of experience arguing criminal defense cases including DUI, domestic violence, burglary and theft. A good lawyer can be the difference between walking free and going to jail. Contact us to consult the facts of your case. Even if you think that the deck is stacked against you, Horowitz will  fight for you and get the best results.

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    Sanford Horowitz cares for the outcome of your case and will work night and day to make sure that you are given an aggressive and thorough defense. We are not a large firm that treats their clients like cattle.  Every case that our law firm takes is given the same level of attention and effort and we will not rest until the case is resolved.

    If you are looking for an attorney to represent you, call us now for a free consultation at (805) 452-7214 or give us some details with our consultation form and we will start the process of looking over the case.

    Don’t wait.  Your trial date is approaching and every day is time to analyze your case and the evidence against you, and consider defenses.

    Santa Maria Top Criminal Defense Attorney – Sanford Horowitz

    Sanford Crawford

    Sanford Horowitz is an extremely skilled trial attorney who zealously defends his clients to protect their legal rights and bring them peace of mind. Sanford prosecutes misdemeanor and general felony criminal offenses, areas in which he has gained significant jury trial experience. While serving in the Santa Barbara Office, Sanford was promoted to manage the Domestic Violence unit, where he gained substantial jury trial experience in felony domestic violence, assault and battery, residential burglary, vandalism, witness dissuasion, and more.