I was introduced to Sandy Horowitz by a friend to represent my grandson in a criminal case involving kidnapping (his girlfriend)and a domestic violence charge. Mr Horowitz had the kidnapping charge reduced, and ultimately dismissed, and co ordinated a deal with the district attorney that eliminated any jail time. Without going into details I would like to say that Mr Horowitz did an excellent job of defending the charges and made the best deal possible for a very desirable outcome. His fee was extremely reasonable and he conducted himself in a very polite and professional manner at all times. His personal cell phone was always available and he returned calls without fail. I certainly would recommend Mr Horowitz and his firm to those in need of a criminal defense attorney that cares about the well being of his clients and gives that extra effort to ensure the outcome is what the client expected. Words are not sufficient to express my appreciation for a job well done. The outcome was excellent. Thank you, Mr Horowitz, and may you continue to serve those in need for many years to come.