I always shop around and get 3 quotes when I am looking for a service. I did the same with finding an attorney for my niece in Santa Barbara. Although I got similar, (and 1 outrageous quote) quotes from the 5 attorney’s that I spoke with, I got a kind and honest feel from Sanford Horowitz. He answered my questions. He did not talk down to me. He did not get exasperated with me, like one of the other attorney’s in Santa Barbara did. We hired him and he went above and beyond our expectations. He was able to help my niece in more ways than just dealing with the charges brought against her. He recommended therapists for her, and he helped her deal with some personal issues, as well. He brought a quick and positive resolution to this case, and for that we are both so very thankful. If anyone needs a criminal attorney, do not hesitate to call Sanford Horowitz. Thank you again Sandy!