If ur in need of a very professional very skilled very caring and just down right good lawyer then look no further to make it simple I was fighting my case with 9 felony charges and 3 misdemeanors I sat in court all day just waiting to go to jail then in walks sandy I’ve never met the man before This day n my mom had to catch her plane back home so I asked him just to stand in so I could get out n get her to the air port n he did n from that day on I feel like my family grew bigger every lawyer I spoke with wanted no less then $10,000 and couldn’t promise nor really tell me anything to me it was all about the money but with sandy it was much much more not only did he kill the competition with the price but the love n care n fight he brought to the table was unmatched I went from 5 years in state prison to 6 months house arrest and it didn’t drop there he’s been over the top when it comes to any and every court date ranging from basic traffic and probation appearances to major court cases on top of just being a great friend and now someone I call family when seeking this man for his legal advice and experience you don’t just get a good word and recommendation with a business relationship u get a meaningful lesson with a positive outcome and a solid friendship I couldn’t have ask for more or found better just wanna say thx from the bottom of my n my family’s heart and much love also I’m writing this so you don’t waste ur time looking for someone when that someone is right here