I don’t know where to start with all that I have to say but I will sum this up the best I can. Sandy saved us. He saved our family. My husband had a complicated case with lots of layers that back dated into priors and led into immagration. And if it wasn’t for Sandy going above and beyond like he did then my husband would be in Mexico right now and our family of 6 would be torn apart. And Sandy isn’t even an immagration attorney, that’s how amazing he is!! Sandy put everything into helping us. He back dated through my husbands whole adult life and made sure every plea and charge we took would keep my husband here. *I* believe my husbands case wasn’t something just any attorney could handle. It definitely wasn’t for a mediocre attorney…. Sandy is special and Sandy’s heart was in this he never one time made me feel like we were just another pay check to him. Sandy is worth his weight in gold and so much more. Sandy took on my husbands case after another attorney had already went and stirred the pot. And as he got into it there was just more stuff coming at us from all directions and Sandy handled it like a champ. I kept waiting for Sandy to give up but he never did. He kept fighting for my hustand and kept pushing forward. We didn’t have the best case or the easiest prosecutors And Sandy never let that scare him. And if anything he kept me strong. He didn’t just care about my husband but he cared about our kids and myself. Also Sandy has amazing communication. I was very involved in my husbands case and everything going on and through it all Sandy answered every question I had, he made sure I had all the same contacts he did and he made sure I had copies of all forms and paperwork. That was huge for me. I knew everything that was going on at all times and understood it clearly. In the end I can’t thank Sandy and his team enough for all of the hard work and compassion that they had through such a traumatic time in my families life. They are the reason my family is whole again.