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Both Sandford and Christy Horowitz are very good at what they do. The two gladly took on my case and took it exceptionally seriously, despite the fact that it was only a juvenile offense. Contact was constant. If any new vital details arose regarding my case, I was always the first to know and as a result felt valued as a person, rather than a client. This mixture of communication, sincerity, and raw talent in the courtroom is all too difficult to come by within this line of work and for that reason I cannot recommend Sandford and Christy Horowitz enough. I immensely grateful for your help in a time a of need.

Christy and Sandford Horowitz provide outstanding legal services, professional, understanding, honest and kind.
Their knowledge, experience, connections, approach, advice and strategic-vision proved to be a wining formula for us. All with the utmost transparency and real-time updates on any news and progress on the case they were representing us on.
With much pleasure, we will retain their services going forward.


Initally I cold called Horowitz law firm seeking some legal advice and spoke with Christy who was helpful, calm, and very accomodating. Twenty minutes later we were in her offices meeting with Sanford. Sandford was awesome throughout, informative, straight talking and very thorough. My partner and I instucted his services, and he proceeded to do an impecable job for us, achieving a trumphant win. I highly recommed the wisdom and expertise Horowitz law firm offers, and cannot stress enough what a great job was done for us. Sanford is not only a fantastic and passionate lawyer, we found him to be warm, kindhearted and a true caring soul. I would not hesitate in using their legal services again.


Both Sanford & his wife Chris are the best in SB.! They both helped get my teenage son out of some teenage trouble he had got into with a friend. They turned what could have been a situation that ruined my sons life into a positive experience!
I would highly recommend them as they are professional, personable & very fair rates. I can’t thank them both enough!


The reviews are true: Sanford Horowitz genuinely cares for his clients and works hard to obtain the best possible outcome. Our family found ourselves in a extremely difficult and unexpected situation a little over a year ago. This was our first time dealing with the criminal justice system and we were very concerned for the future of our adult child. I consulted other local attorneys, but after a brief phone conversation, I felt he was the best suited to handle a complicated case. Sandy was patient and empathetic throughout the entire process, which took almost one year. We always felt he was available and focused on our case. Despite being busy with other clients, jury trials and the like, he was always quick to respond in a thoughtful manner to our questions and concerns. A former prosecutor, Sandy is a skilled litigator who understands both sides of the criminal justice system, which is a tremendous asset. While we hope never to be in a similar situation again, we can recommend Sandy without hesitation.

- ANN S.

I don’t know where to start with all that I have to say but I will sum this up the best I can. Sandy saved us. He saved our family. My husband had a complicated case with lots of layers that back dated into priors and led into immagration. And if it wasn’t for Sandy going above and beyond like he did then my husband would be in Mexico right now and our family of 6 would be torn apart. And Sandy isn’t even an immagration attorney, that’s how amazing he is!! Sandy put everything into helping us. He back dated through my husbands whole adult life and made sure every plea and charge we took would keep my husband here. *I* believe my husbands case wasn’t something just any attorney could handle. It definitely wasn’t for a mediocre attorney…. Sandy is special and Sandy’s heart was in this he never one time made me feel like we were just another pay check to him. Sandy is worth his weight in gold and so much more. Sandy took on my husbands case after another attorney had already went and stirred the pot. And as he got into it there was just more stuff coming at us from all directions and Sandy handled it like a champ. I kept waiting for Sandy to give up but he never did. He kept fighting for my hustand and kept pushing forward. We didn’t have the best case or the easiest prosecutors And Sandy never let that scare him. And if anything he kept me strong. He didn’t just care about my husband but he cared about our kids and myself. Also Sandy has amazing communication. I was very involved in my husbands case and everything going on and through it all Sandy answered every question I had, he made sure I had all the same contacts he did and he made sure I had copies of all forms and paperwork. That was huge for me. I knew everything that was going on at all times and understood it clearly. In the end I can’t thank Sandy and his team enough for all of the hard work and compassion that they had through such a traumatic time in my families life. They are the reason my family is whole again.


Best Lawyer, With the Best Prices! His team has all the resources including a private investigator. With my back against the wall Sandy got my charges dismissed. Sandy is Highly educated, well spoken, and respected by his priors. Him and his team can your out a deal for you don’t hesitate to call.


Expertise matters, but kindness is even better. Sandy was patient and understanding and a strong advocate during an unfortunate encounter my son had with the law. He now has a clean record and is in a great place to move forward with his life. We gained more than expert legal advice and strong representation from Sandy; we gained a friend. I would recommend him to anyone. We love you Sandy.


If ur in need of a very professional very skilled very caring and just down right good lawyer then look no further to make it simple I was fighting my case with 9 felony charges and 3 misdemeanors I sat in court all day just waiting to go to jail then in walks sandy I’ve never met the man before This day n my mom had to catch her plane back home so I asked him just to stand in so I could get out n get her to the air port n he did n from that day on I feel like my family grew bigger every lawyer I spoke with wanted no less then $10,000 and couldn’t promise nor really tell me anything to me it was all about the money but with sandy it was much much more not only did he kill the competition with the price but the love n care n fight he brought to the table was unmatched I went from 5 years in state prison to 6 months house arrest and it didn’t drop there he’s been over the top when it comes to any and every court date ranging from basic traffic and probation appearances to major court cases on top of just being a great friend and now someone I call family when seeking this man for his legal advice and experience you don’t just get a good word and recommendation with a business relationship u get a meaningful lesson with a positive outcome and a solid friendship I couldn’t have ask for more or found better just wanna say thx from the bottom of my n my family’s heart and much love also I’m writing this so you don’t waste ur time looking for someone when that someone is right here


Needed assistance in a messy situation. Horowitz Law achieved a better outcome for my situation than I thought possible. Mr. Horowitz came highly recommended by another local attorney. Straightforward, knowledgeable, ethical and efficient. I was charged with a felony and looking at serious financial penalty and possible prison time. This was reduced to a misdemeanor, small fine and no jail time. I can’t speak highly enough about Horowitz Law! Thanks again


I hired Sanford when I needed help with a child custody/family law case. He came highly recommended. I can’t think of a better person than Sanford Horowitz! I have heard nothing but troubled stories about other attorneys in Santa Barbara from different people …about how their attorneys were rarely prepared adequately, rarely returned calls, were unavailable on weekends, and mainly just didn’t care (although they pretended to). But Sandy is a true professional. He is well respected in court and certainly knows his way around with the judges and other attorneys. Other people have written about how much they were relieved by his help – and I can truly add to that – but the main thing that seems to motivate Sandy is his kindness. I can breathe again, and I will always be indebted to him.


If only I had met Sandy sooner, I would have saved a lot of time & frustration. I lost my temper at a local business and was charged with a criminal offense. Sandy knew the best way to deal with the situation since he is a former DA, and knows the system. His PI Victor Alvarez (retired Sheriff Deputy here in SB that knows EVERYONE) masterfully helped the situation I was in as well. Here’s the unique part, the part that you need to know. Every Lawyer wanted 2,500-6,000 for what I knew after meeting with 8 of the vultures would be 3-6 hours’ worth of work max. Sandy was honest, fair, did what he said he would, and agreed to a two-tier contract. The second tier wasn’t needed since he knocked it out of the park! Case dismissed in the interest of justice​.​ I gave him a bonus I insisted he take since he saved me so much time, frustration, headache, and money.
Do yourself a favor and meet with Sandy ASAP, you will be glad you did!


I highly recommend Sanford Horowitz to anyone who needs a lawyer. In addition to being highly intelligent and professional, he is incredibly empathetic and kind, which helps when dealing with life’s unpleasant situations. I am grateful for the amount of work and love that he provided to me that was above and beyond what he needed to do in order to help me out. It is not surprising to scroll down his reviews and read about how many people like myself that he has helped in a profound way. He is an inspiration to many as a good man, a professional lawyer, and a loving family man. Thank you Sanford!

- ELI S.

Sandy is as good as it gets when it comes to attorneys….reliable, knowledgeable and compassionate.


Out of all the lawyers I researched upon, Horowitz seemed to be the best fit for my case. He had wonderful reviews and seemed to be very determined with the work he does. Once hired, I realized why everyone was recommending him. Horowitz was absolutely helpful and ensured that everything was going to be taken care of. I was dealing with my first legal issue and he was able to thoroughly guide me through the steps to resolve my case. He always answered my numerous amount of questions at any given time and is a very knowledgeable lawyer. To say that Horowitz is a great lawyer is an understatement. I would highly recommend him to anyone dealing with a legal issue.


Caring, professional and knowledgeable. Sanford exceeded any and all expectations I had of working with an attorney. I had never been to court before and was extremely nervous. He explained everything in detail and was always willing to take the time out to respond to my messages/emails quickly. Thank you for your genuine concern for our family and dedication to my case


I recently needed to use Horowitz Law for a court case. Sanford helped me through all my needs and exceeded my expectations. I’d use them again and truly will recommend them to anyone who needs a lawyer for any reason. Thank you again Horowitz Law.


Sanford is sympathetic, caring, generous with his time, and of course expertly knowledgeable. A great relief and reassurance to anyone potentially facing criminal charges. I couldn’t recommend him more highly.

- S A

They were great and got everything taken care of right away


Sandy went above and beyond my expectations to help me gain 50/50 custody of my son. Despite difficult times he was there when needed and is very honest about the legal process. Highly recommended.


I have to thank Mr. Sanford and staff for cleaning up a legal mater that compromised my life. Mr. Sanford prevailed and I couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend to anyone needing great legal representations to hire Sandford and Christy. Thanks again


After my arrest, I retained Sanford Horowitz. From the first day we met, he treated me with care and respect. He took the time to explain what he would do. His fee schedule was fair. He returned all my phone calls and emails. He gathered various statements and presented them to the District Attorney. The District Attorney decided NOT to file a criminal case. I would recommend Sanford Horowitz to anyone who is facing any criminal case. Thank you Sanford Horowitz for helping me get back to my life.


I would like to thank Sanford Horowitz for representing me. He was very professional and available for questions throughout. I appreciate his calm attitude during a stressful time. I would highly recommend their services to anyone dealing with a legal situation.


Sanford & Christy took my case, asked all the right questions, and went into motion within a day or 2, Within just few weeks, my charges and case were dismissed by the D.A. I would recommend them for any type of case, criminal or civil!


Upon being contacted by a detective regarding a potential criminal matter, I called my family law attorney, Andrew Mitchell, to get his opinion on my situation, he recommended that I contact Sanford. I contacted Sanford and had a few phone conversations with him, he answered my questions, gave me his thoughts, and even assisted me on a few simple matters prior to me actually hiring him. During my conversations with Sanford I felt him to be genuine & trustworthy. I met with Sanford in his office to have a formal consultation which is when I opted to hire him, as I was charged with several felony offenses. After several months of Sanford working tirelessly & diligently on my behalf with the DDA, Sanford got those felonies dismissed in a fair and reasonable settlement. People don’t often associate genuine & trustworthy with the word lawyer however, as I stated earlier, that’s how I felt about Sanford during my initial phone conversations with him, which he ultimately proved through his interactions with me and my observations of his interactions with other clients in the courtroom. I would highly recommend Sandford to a friend and/or family member. If you’ve been contacted by police, I would recommend consulting with Sandford and seriously consider hiring him as your representation. His rate is fair and he’s sensitive to your financial situation. If you’re a reasonable person, you won’t be dissatisfied with his representation. I wasn’t.

- A. O.

Mr. Horowitz was very respected and worked well with the court to accomplish the best possible outcome for our case. He went above and beyond the call of duty in handling my daughters case. I would highly recommend Mr. Horowitz.


I hired Sanford when I needed help with a child custody/family law case. He came highly recommended. I can’t think of a better person than Sanford Horowitz! I have heard nothing but troubled stories about other attorneys in Santa Barbara from different people …about how their attorneys were rarely prepared adequately, rarely returned calls, were unavailable on weekends, and mainly just didn’t care (although they pretended to). But Sandy is a true professional. He is well respected in court and certainly knows his way around with the judges and other attorneys. Other people have written about how much they were relieved by his help – and I can truly add to that – but the main thing that seems to motivate Sandy is his kindness. I can breathe again, and I will always be indebted to him.


I hired Mr. Horowitz nearly a year ago and to say he went above and beyond for me would be a vast understatement. If you need representation in Santa Barbara or any of its neighboring counties do yourself a favor and meet up with Christy or Sanford to discuss your case, hire someone that cares. They will not disappoint. Thank you Sandy, you are the man!

- IAN B.

Hiring Sanford Horowitz to represent me in my recent DUI case was the best decision I could have made! He was understanding and offered not only great legal advice, but compassion for what I was going through. This was one of the toughest times in my life, however, knowing he was by my side to represent me gave me great comfort when I was down. He is an excellent Attorney and was able to get me an outcome that I did not think was possible. He was able to work with the DA to reduce a Felony charge to a Misdemeanor which in turn has saved my life with respect to my Career, my Children, and my overall Self Esteem! I would recommend Sanford Horowitz to anyone who is feeling helpless and needs some “light at the end of the tunnel!” He was an absolute Blessing!


I always shop around and get 3 quotes when I am looking for a service. I did the same with finding an attorney for my niece in Santa Barbara. Although I got similar, (and 1 outrageous quote) quotes from the 5 attorney’s that I spoke with, I got a kind and honest feel from Sanford Horowitz. He answered my questions. He did not talk down to me. He did not get exasperated with me, like one of the other attorney’s in Santa Barbara did. We hired him and he went above and beyond our expectations. He was able to help my niece in more ways than just dealing with the charges brought against her. He recommended therapists for her, and he helped her deal with some personal issues, as well. He brought a quick and positive resolution to this case, and for that we are both so very thankful. If anyone needs a criminal attorney, do not hesitate to call Sanford Horowitz. Thank you again Sandy!


Best lawyer ever!! I chose Sanford Horowitz as my defense lawyer on a landlord/ tenant dispute.I was accused of taking a piece of property that was rightfully mine. I was a defendant for the first time and was very scared and ignorant of the legal system. Sandy walked me through this process with compassion, always there to answer all my questions, even the dumb ones. I was always in communication with him. Every email or phone call was answered and responded to within the hour. Sandford worked on this case for months going to all my court dates, keeping me up to date all the way through. Needless to say he won my case. Sandford is a lawyer for the people.


My experience was truly excellent. I would recommend Sandy to anyone in need of his services.


Sandy is a credit to his profession. You read that correctly, not a misprint. He is everything “an attorney” is NOT. He is stand-up, his fee is reasonable and he does his JOB. Great Guy, Good Person. The Best.


I highly highly recommend Sandy ! My stress level was at a 10 but thanks to Sandy my stress level now stands at 0. Great work sandy Sandy goes above and beyond . He is very reasonable and knows exactly what he is doing . The man is an angel , Sandy Is very intelligent he truly understands the court system in all aspects including the psychological approach of situations. Sanford Horowitz is the Man!
He is capable of so much, he is put my original case to rest and is helping me overcome other obstacles. Sandy truly looks out for your best interest , his office is across the street from the court house and his rates are super reasonable and he is willing to set up custom payment plans . Sandy is well known and respected. From now on I will only use Sanford Horowitz for any legal matters or advice. Thank you Sandy.


My family and beliefs about the justice system were tested when my son was charged with a felony charge after coming to the assistance of a female stranger who was being harassed by a intoxicated man with a lengthy criminal record. My son is a US military member without a record. I felt helpless living out of state from where the incident took place. Mr Sanford came highly recommended and during my first telephone conversation with him it became clear to me that my son was in the best hands possible. His professionalism and more importantly, his “bedside” manner and compassion for our situation was unparalleled. After months of worry and anxiety over the possible outcome of my family’s ordeal, Mr Sanford was able to get the charges dropped and my son’s character, name and reputation was restored. Mr Sanford’s legal fees were also much less than other lawyers I interviewed. I highly recommend Mr Sanford and remain forever grateful to this man for his hard work, honesty and his continued grace shown to me throughout the most difficult time.


I will be honest, when I saw all 5 Star reviews I was skeptical, but Sanford Horowitz or “Sandy” helped me with a family law matter I never thought I would face. I was scared, confused as to what to do next, and essentially being bullied. Not only was the settlement made in my child’s favor (which I never could have done on my own), but I was given peace of mind as a mother. This was a Christmas Miracle that will last for years to come! I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Sanford was available and answered my questions in a timely manner even while evacuating from the largest fire in California’s history, if that’s not dedication I literally don’t know what is! I did not expect the level of customer service and dedication I received. I would recommend him to anyone who needs help and he is the only attorney I would call if I needed help again!


Sandy is great! After getting in legal trouble due to a misunderstood situation with police, we consulted several 5-star lawyers on Avvo in the SB area and we finally chose him. He is assuring, friendly and responsive. He held positive attitude when we discussed strategies: solving it in pre-filing and no plea bargain even if charge is pressed. And as expected, he got us the best result we could get, no charge filed with the court!


I highly recommend Sanford Horowitz to anyone who needs a lawyer. In addition to being highly intelligent and professional, he is incredibly empathetic and kind, which helps when dealing with life’s unpleasant situations. I am grateful for the amount of work and love that he provided to me that was above and beyond what he needed to do in order to help me out. It is not surprising to scroll down his reviews and read about how many people like myself that he has helped in a profound way. He is an inspiration to many as a good man, a professional lawyer, and a loving family man. Thank you Sanford!

- ELI S.

Working with Sanford & Christy Horowitz Criminal Defense was a delightful experience. I first met with Sanford to work on a criminal case and he was able to terminate my probation early and cleanse my record. Then I worked with both Sanford and Christy on a personal injury case, where they were able to obtain a fair settlement for my accident. Both times they went above and beyond my expectations. They are super flexible with scheduling appointments. I have to say that this is the premiere law firm in Santa Barbara. Highly recommend them for any of your needs.


I was introduced to Sandy Horowitz by a friend to represent my grandson in a criminal case involving kidnapping (his girlfriend)and a domestic violence charge. Mr Horowitz had the kidnapping charge reduced, and ultimately dismissed, and co ordinated a deal with the district attorney that eliminated any jail time. Without going into details I would like to say that Mr Horowitz did an excellent job of defending the charges and made the best deal possible for a very desirable outcome. His fee was extremely reasonable and he conducted himself in a very polite and professional manner at all times. His personal cell phone was always available and he returned calls without fail. I certainly would recommend Mr Horowitz and his firm to those in need of a criminal defense attorney that cares about the well being of his clients and gives that extra effort to ensure the outcome is what the client expected. Words are not sufficient to express my appreciation for a job well done. The outcome was excellent. Thank you, Mr Horowitz, and may you continue to serve those in need for many years to come.


Sandy & Christy Horowitz bring a wealth of knowledge, expertise, kindness, and compassion to each and every client. I was in need of their services, and absolutely devastated by the thought of having my career and family life threatened over a very embarrassing misdemeanor offense. Mr. Horowitz listened, empathized, and reassured my worst fears with a sense of genuine warmth and caring. He strategically outlined an appropriate method to defend the charges based upon his knowledge of the local court system and judges. Throughout the entire process, he was always available by his personal cell phone and immediately responded to any further questions or concerns. The final outcome was amazing… no probation or community service, a minimal fine, and a case that will soon be expunged. My case was most certainly not his most pressing matter, but Sandy and Christy Horowitz always made me feel like I was their most important client. They have both earned my utmost respect, and deepest appreciation for caring as much about my emotional wellness as the legal aspects of the case. For that, I am forever grateful!


Sandy was an absolute blessing! I’ve never been one to get into trouble but I made a mistake after a holiday party which left me with 3 misdemeanors. I felt terrible about the situation and had no idea how to deal with it. I thought this was going to be a mistake that haunted me for the rest of my life. After a lot of hard work, Sandy was able to successfully achieve dismissal of all three charges. I highly recommend Horowitz Law! Thanks again for everything!


We had a great experience with Mr. Horowitz. It was a very complicated case but the results were good. He is very engaged and cares about your best interested. Highly recommended Sandy Horowitz as your defense.


I can’t express my satisfaction with Sanford Horowitz enough. Got me out of a very bad situation with a clean record, 2 charges dropped completely. Couldn’t have asked for a better result or experience throughout the case, he is very professional and upstanding while not breaking the bank for his service. Would highly recommend to anyone whose legal trouble matches his expertise!


I found Sanford on the internet his reviews were impressive so I interviewed him in his office with in days of our phone conversation. Sanford is very prompt at responding which none of the other lawyers I called were. A plus here. After 30 minute interview which was very professional we had a strategy and it involved me getting several character letters which I did. Sanford then met will the DA who might be more lenient on my case. Sanford’s plan was flawless he got a complete dismissal which I was extremely pleased with. I would recommend Sanford he is a man of his word and a gentleman. Thanks Sanford.


I highly recommend Sandford Horowitz. My case was very complicated and he was able to drop down the charges, I am very satisfied with the results. I do not speak the language fluently but he did everything to explain to me all the case details. Again, I highly recommend his services! Thank you Sandy! Yo recomiendo sus servicios como abogado, es todo un profesional y hace todo lo posible y mas por ayudar a sus clientes. Mi caso no fue nada sencillo pero el luchó para que los resultados fueran exitosos. Si alguien requiere de representacion legal,no dude en ponerse en contacto con él. Muchas gracias Sandy!