Sandy Horowitz bring a wealth of knowledge, expertise, kindness, and compassion to each and every client. I was in need of his services, and absolutely devastated by the thought of having my career and family life threatened over a very embarrassing misdemeanor offense. Mr. Horowitz listened, empathized, and reassured my worst fears with a sense of genuine warmth and caring. He strategically outlined an appropriate method to defend the charges based upon his knowledge of the local court system and judges. Throughout the entire process, he was always available by his personal cell phone and immediately responded to any further questions or concerns. The final outcome was amazing… no probation or community service, a minimal fine, and a case that will soon be expunged. My case was most certainly not his most pressing matter, but Sandy Horowitz always made me feel like I was their most important client. He has earned my utmost respect, and deepest appreciation for caring as much about my emotional wellness as the legal aspects of the case. For that, I am forever grateful!