Upon being contacted by a detective regarding a potential criminal matter, I called my family law attorney, Andrew Mitchell, to get his opinion on my situation, he recommended that I contact Sanford. I contacted Sanford and had a few phone conversations with him, he answered my questions, gave me his thoughts, and even assisted me on a few simple matters prior to me actually hiring him. During my conversations with Sanford I felt him to be genuine & trustworthy. I met with Sanford in his office to have a formal consultation which is when I opted to hire him, as I was charged with several felony offenses. After several months of Sanford working tirelessly & diligently on my behalf with the DDA, Sanford got those felonies dismissed in a fair and reasonable settlement. People don’t often associate genuine & trustworthy with the word lawyer however, as I stated earlier, that’s how I felt about Sanford during my initial phone conversations with him, which he ultimately proved through his interactions with me and my observations of his interactions with other clients in the courtroom. I would highly recommend Sandford to a friend and/or family member. If you’ve been contacted by police, I would recommend consulting with Sandford and seriously consider hiring him as your representation. His rate is fair and he’s sensitive to your financial situation. If you’re a reasonable person, you won’t be dissatisfied with his representation. I wasn’t.