If only I had met Sandy sooner, I would have saved a lot of time & frustration. I lost my temper at a local business and was charged with a criminal offense. Sandy knew the best way to deal with the situation since he is a former DA, and knows the system. His PI Victor Alvarez (retired Sheriff Deputy here in SB that knows EVERYONE) masterfully helped the situation I was in as well. Here’s the unique part, the part that you need to know. Every Lawyer wanted 2,500-6,000 for what I knew after meeting with 8 of the vultures would be 3-6 hours’ worth of work max. Sandy was honest, fair, did what he said he would, and agreed to a two-tier contract. The second tier wasn’t needed since he knocked it out of the park! Case dismissed in the interest of justice​.​ I gave him a bonus I insisted he take since he saved me so much time, frustration, headache, and money.
Do yourself a favor and meet with Sandy ASAP, you will be glad you did!